November 9, 2015

You can't f#$%ing say that!

An excerpt from Brenden O'Neill's manifesto on free speech in Spiked, prompted by the Halloween horror in Yale University — The ‘Yale snowflakes’: who made these monsters? | Down with campus censorship!:
We could see the culture of ‘You can’t say that!’ in all its swirling, borderline violent ugliness. It wasn’t a whispered or implied ‘You can’t say that!’, of the kind we see all the time in 21st-century public life, in response to people who criticise gay marriage, say, or doubt climate change. No, this was an explicitly stated ‘You can’t fucking say that, and if you do we’ll demand that you be sacked!’ 
May I have your permission to write about a 19 year old rape victim who got whipped 200 times, and on top of it, six months jail term? Of course, as long as I don't mention that the punishment was in compliance with the 1400 year old Islamic Law, Sharia. If I do, then I'll be an Islamophobe!

Hasn't any of these Yale kids read anything about Bettina Aptheker, Marco Savio, or Jack Weinberg?

From the opposing side come the rallying cries, "Christians of America, unite!", "We are the marginalized 70%", "We demand safe space", "Jesus, save us from the Christianophobes"... Oh, come on, of course they are not using those words, but you get my drift. To what do we owe this latest outburst? Persecution by Starbuck's plain red coffee cups for this Holiday Season!

My optimism for the future of humanity has been restored, not only by that first-grader who endorsed Hillary Clinton for President, but also by the results from a study of  "1,170 children aged between 5 and 12 years in six countries (Canada, China, Jordan, Turkey, USA, and South Africa)". The authors conclude that children growing up in non-religious households are kinder and gentler to others than those growing up in religious households. So much for religion's self-proclaimed ownership of the Golden Rule!

Over at the Onion, John Wertz worries about gentrification and the Occupy Main Street movement encroaching into his apartment. His roommate, Mark, is replacing the old, 99% Mr.Coffee with his De’Longhi espresso machine, among other 99% stuff being gradually replaced by 1% stuff. Whole Foods, meanwhile, is desperately trying for a 99% makeover by shedding its "Whole Paycheck" image in favor of "No Paycheck" image!

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