November 16, 2015

Revelation - Not

How do you dissuade a billion or more people from believing that a book written by a dead man, who might have lived 1400 years ago, is neither a revelation nor infallible?
By bombing the hell out of a few thugs who are holed out in a desert here, only to spring up on a mountain there, calling themselves every year and in every place by a new and different name that few understand even the meaning of?
By destroying alongside, homes, hospitals, and schools, that house thousands of fathers, mothers, and children who, in their hearts and minds, just want a life for themselves that you and I want?
Repeating ad nauseum that the book is indeed a revelation and infallible, while reinforcing the misplaced belief that the thugs and the rest of the billion share?

Really? Is that the best that the combined brains of the so-called leaders of the developed world can come up with?
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