November 17, 2015

Radical Nazis

Sebastian J. Bae writes in the Foreign Policy:
So, I see the same war of 2001 unfolding in 2015, feeding off the latest flurry of righteous anger and the impulse to strike back. But how many more ill-conceived, half-baked interventions must we wage before we learn that waging war is easy – building peace is a decade long process. And if we are not prepared to build meaningful peace, we should be wary to wage war in its name. For the price will be steep, as it’s always been.
I couldn't agree more.

Imagine a Europe ruled by Nazis, with a particularly virulent offshoot in Germany. Imagine - it's not that hard - that the Radical Nazis in Germany are systematically practicing an Apartheid regime against Africans, Hindus, Jews, Romanos, and anyone else who looked different from "native" Germans. Even a murmur against the discriminatory laws is severely punished. Defection would invite certain death penalty. The Radical Nazis, covertly and ruthlessly, carry out these sentences in other countries, as well.

The rest of the Nazi Republics routinely condemn the Radical Nazis for being extremist. Even though they are also one party ruled states as Germany is, they claim to have less discriminatory laws and policies within their own borders. For example, Jewish children would be admitted into elementary and middle schools, but no higher. Punishment for defying the laws are less severe. With a wink here and a nod there, however, they would covertly provide all possible assistance to Germany to promote their "brand of Nazism" around the world.

Tiring of the cover actions, the rest of the world decides to deploy boots on the ground, in the air, and on the sea, against Germany, and bring about a regime change. The new regime would look more like the rest of the Nazi regimes, they promised, and would not engage in any covert action in other countries to promote Nazism .

The rest of the world declares victory after killing the supreme leader of the Radical Nazis of Germany, and many others in his coterie. They are not at war with Nazism, they assert, and piously affirm that the Radical Nazis do not represent true Nazism, which cherishes the same values as they do. To show their appreciation of true Nazism, they elect one of the Nazi countries to be the head of the All Nations Human Rights Organization. Then, they go to sleep.

Only to be awakened by ...
  1. Most important the moderate N republics have 7 trillion dollars and 43% stake investments in all the developed part of the world who asserted upon themselves the law making, governance and judgement rights ...
    There is no free lunch... money matters and it only matters

    1. Srikant,
      Can you expand on it, please? What moderate N republics are you talking about? OPEC? Can you also cite references for the numbers that you are quoting?

      And, that part about law making, etc.. Are you saying that the developed world is making the laws in Iran and Pakistan, for example, Sharia/Hudood?

      I don't understand.


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