November 15, 2015


Suppose a political party's manifesto:

  1. prohibits you from ever defecting from the party, or risk being tried for treason
  2. imprisons you for life if you challenged the supreme leader of the party
  3. forces you to stay at home and tend to your husband and children, once you reached puberty
  4. compels you to study the books written by supreme leader for 12 years
  5. prohibits you from marrying anyone other than a party member 
  6. prohibits you from having sex without the permission of the party officials under penalty of death
  7. commands you to kill anyone who insults the supreme leader
  8. permits you to marry none other than the supreme leader, if you were widowed
  9. permits the party officials to take your children as slaves for life
  10. permits the party officials to chop your tongue off if you question their orders

Will you agree to become a member of that party, if you had a choice? Never, right?

Then, why would you, if the party were to assert that it's supreme leader's name is "God"?
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