November 3, 2015

An endorsement for Hillary Clinton

A dinner conversation between a first-grader and her mom:
M: Have there been many girl presidents?
Mom: Not here in the USA. We haven't had any, but other countries have.
M: Why?
Mom: Because for a long time, men thought that women couldn't do the job, so they didn't let us try.
M: But that's not true!
Mom: I know. Eventually we had enough and fought back.
M: Girls did?
Mom: Yes. And did you know that President Obama is the first dark-skinned president we've had?
M: No. Why?
Mom: Remember how you learned about slavery? And how people used to think that dark skin meant you weren't as smart or capable as a light skinned person?
M: That's silly! YOU have dark skin, and you're smart. I have kinda dark skin, too.
Mom: Yup. The Europeans and Americans figured out that they were wrong. Next year, for the first time, we'll have a woman running for president. If enough people vote for her, then she'll become our new president.
M: I hope she wins.
Mom: Me, too.
Hillary Clinton couldn't have a better endorsement than this!
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