March 17, 2015

What is Buddha?

Myanmar Sentences 3 to Prison for Depicting Buddha Wearing Headphones -

YANGON, Myanmar — A bar manager from New Zealand and two Burmese men were sentenced to two years in prison in Myanmar on Tuesday for posting an image online of the Buddha wearing headphones to promote an event.

The court in Yangon said the image denigrated Buddhism and was a violation of Myanmar’s religion act, which prohibits insulting, damaging or destroying religion. "It is clear the act of the bar offended the majority religion in the country,” said the judge, U Ye Lwin.

A monk asked Sriniva San, "What is Buddha?". Sriniva said, "A few million bits and a pair of headphones" - my adaptation of a koan from The Gateless Gate (Wumenguan)

Is religion acting like a cornered rat?

H/t The Morning Heresy, Center for Inquiry
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