March 23, 2014

Sinday Leviticus

Alaska Republican Wants State-Funded Pregnancy Tests In Bars So Women Will 'Act Responsibly':

It was a grey, cold night in the Alaskan tundra. As she entered the foyer, she looked around. Men drinking beer, women laughing... She took her seat at the bar and ordered a stiff one.

Little did she realize that at the very moment a sperm cell fused with an egg cell inside her. As the barman mixed her drink, she picked up a couple of peanuts and put them in her mouth...

Uh oh, bad mistake... how irresponsible of her!

Nine months and a few days later, a baby boy was born, chubby and rosy on the outside, but inside? Alas, a brain that would never grow beyond the size of a peanut!

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