June 7, 2011

Camping Is Not Alone!

The end is always nigh in the human mind — New Scientist:

Secular end of days may be found in Karl Marx's end of capitalism and Francis Fukuyama's end of history, along with scientistic doomsdays brought about by global warming, ice ages, solar flares, rogue planets, black holes, cosmic collisions, supervolcanoes, overpopulation, pollution, nuclear winter, genetically engineered viruses, the grey goo of runaway nanotechnology - and let's not forget Y2K, the millennium bug.

Not to forget my grandmother, who used to mutter, "Kali muthippochu (the epoch of Kali is coming to an end, in Tamil)", whenever she caught me playing with the girl next door!

You see, the Hindu folklore has it that the last avatar of Vishnu as Kali should appear anytime now to rescue the humanity from evil. What could be more evil than your 8-year old grandson holding the hands of that 7-year old temptress, eh?

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