May 25, 2011

Why, religion has nothing to do with it!

That's the common refrain whenever a crime against humanity is perpetrated by the religulous. Be it 9/11, George Tiller's murder, or selective abortion of female fetuses. Dig deeper, and you'll find religious motives lurking behind every such act that offends the sensibilities of everyone who is not blinded by god delusion. Take this one, for example:

Taliban kill head of Afghan girls' school | World news | The Guardian: Taliban gunmen have killed the headteacher of a girls' school near the Afghan capital after he ignored warnings to stop teaching girls, government officials have said.

What's the motive for this murder? Territorial ambition? Politics? Grievance against oppression and discrimination? No, it's simply because their vengeful god had commanded them to kill anyone who disobeyed him.

You may say that it's not in their book, which is the word of god. They must have misinterpreted the word of god. God never said that girls should not be educated. God never said that abortion providers should be killed. God never preferred male offspring over female offspring.

Of course not, god would never say that. In fact, god never says anything. Because, god doesn't exist. It's always someone said that god said that, and therefore, ...

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