May 31, 2011

Three is a Crowd ...

... in the bedroom, especially when the third party is a nanny state. It's not only that gods hate women, but governments, too. New Indian brides told to cut down on mobile phone use to avoid jealous husbands | Mail Online:

Newly-wed Indian brides have been warned to avoid talking on their mobile phones too much to avoid making their husbands jealous.

The warning, from the Punjab State Commission for Women, urges newlyweds 'to focus on their domestic life instead of having long conversations on mobile phones.'

Written in Punjabi and issued in the form of a brochure, the advisory tells young women to be 'very adjustable' concerning their mobile phone use...

What next? How about Facebook, blog, letters, corner store... No advisory, of course, to the imbecile husband who wants to keep his wife in purdah behind the harem door!

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