December 5, 2010

Unfunded Tax Cuts for the Wealthy

I was mugged last night. In Beverley Hills, believe it or not, one of the richest neighborhoods in Los Angeles! I had parked my car, and was walking towards a restaurant, when this fellow appeared from nowhere. He cleaned me out, all of the $110 that I was carrying in my wallet.

I pleaded with him to give me back $10, so I could fill up gas to drive back to Anaheim. With a straight face, the robber replied,

"Sorry, man! I am already in deficit. My budget for tomorrow is $150. I would like very much to give you back your $10, but unfortunately, it's completely unfunded."

The fellow was polite, unlike Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO):

"I'm trying to figure out how anyone can keep a straight face and say they are for deficit reduction when they insist on a permanent tax cut for the wealthiest Americans, completely unpaid for," McCaskill said. "If they think it is OK to raise taxes for the embattled middle class because they are going to pout if we don't give more money to millionaires, it really is time for the people of America to take up pitchforks." [emphasis mine]

Well, at least, I didn't get attacked with a pitchfork for asking for a small change from my own money!

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