December 20, 2010

The Making of a Messiah

Left bows down to false WikiLeaks prophet | The Australian:

A contributor to the Huffington Post in the US says, 'For our sake, he's being crucified to satisfy right-wingers' bloodlust.'

The liberal worship of Assange is speedily becoming embarrassing and creepy. The respectable New Yorker looks on him as an otherworldly, spiritual force come to save us -'with his spectral white hair, pallid skin, cool eyes and expansive forehead, like a rail-thin being who has rocketed to earth to deliver humanity some hidden truth'.

This idea that Assange is the great revealer of 'hidden truths', like Moses descending the mountain with the commandments or Jesus offering pearls of wisdom on a hilltop, is widespread in the liberal media.

I never believed that delusion is a sickness that exclusively affects the followers of theistic religions.

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  1. An opinion from "The Australian"? That ridiculous newspaper staffed by pseudoscientific cranks? Entirely true to form. It's one long whine by the writer without telling us what exactly is wrong with Assange. He would rather deal with Assange's pious followers than others like Glenn Greenwald who have ripped the mask of sanctimony off foreign policy makers.


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