November 22, 2010

Dr. Sunitha Krishnan on Sex Slavery

... When I rescued them, one of the biggest challenges I had was where do I begin, because I had lots of them who are already HIV infected. One-third of the people I rescue are HIV positive and therefore my challenge was to understand how can I get out this power from this pain...

[F]or me I was my greatest experience [Dr. Krishnan was 15, when she was gang-raped by 8 men]. Understanding my own self, understanding my own pain, my own isolation, was my greatest teacher, because what we did with these girls is to understand their potential.

You see a girl here who is trained as a welder. She works for a very big company, a workshop, in Hyderabad, making furniture. She earns around 12000 rupees [about $280]. She is an illiterate girl, trained, skilled as a welder.

Why welding and why not computers? We felt one of the things these girls had, is immense amount of courage. They did not have any purdahs inside their body, hijabs inside themselves. They have crossed the barrier of it, and therefore, they could fight in a male-dominated world very easily and not feel very shy about it. We have trained girls as carpenters, as masons, as security guards, as cab drivers. And, each one of them is excelling in their chosen fields, gaining confidence, restoring dignity, and building hopes in their lives...

Please visit Prajwala, and do what you can to support the organization and Dr. Sunitha Krishnan in their work to stop this violation of the fundamental rights of women and children.

I would like to start an initiative to nominate Dr. Krishnan and/or Prajwala for the Nobel Peace Prize. The process for nomination and selection of Nobel Peace Prize Laureates can be found here. I will do what I can to advance the process, in particular, canvassing university officials and professors in social sciences.

I invite you to join the initiative and do what you can to help. If there is already an initiative for this that any reader is aware of, please inform me, so other volunteers and I can join the initiative.

Thank you.

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