November 2, 2010

Bahai and the Religion of Peace

Cohn: Persecution of Bahai’is exposes Iranian cruelty -

Watching Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad strutting on the world stage, it’s easy to get caught up in his latest histrionics: denying the Holocaust, playing the nuclear card, and vowing during last week’s visit near the Lebanese-Israeli border to wipe out the Jewish state.
But to really grasp the pathological cruelty of Iran’s clerical regime, look at the persecution of Iran’s biggest religious minority, the 300,000-strong Baha’i community. The bizarre hounding of this peaceful faith remains a festering sore on the legacy of the 30-year-old Islamic revolution...

Of course, astute observers of the theocratic regime that followed the overthrow of Shah three decades ago, would know of "festering sores" all over its body — stoning of Soraya M., the impending execution of Sakineh M. Ashtiani on November 3, persecution and murder of opposition ...

The monstrosity that starry-eyed liberals beget when they go to bed with the Religion of Peace!

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