September 27, 2010

The Price of Honor

Yet another gruesome death in what is called "the Muslim World". A world with which America is supposed to share "common principles — principles of justice and progress; tolerance and the dignity of all human beings"! One of those shared, common, principles of justice says a woman who "strayed outside of the line" [sometimes known as adultery] must pay a price, a price that is not anything less than her life. I am talking about stoning her to death, of course.

A woman who had "strayed outside of the line" in the eyes of their non-existent allah, was stoned alive by the Taliban in Pakistan. Stoned until her writhing body finally gave up and ceased to move. By men who gave her hell on earth. Was it to provide another statistic to confirm the lie that their allah would take care of those who disobeyed his commands? Or was it their mistrust in their "compassionate and merciful" allah, who might, in a moment of weakness, forgive and forget the woman?

Oh, let the people of the Muslim World find their balance between liberty and license, will you?

And, then comes this pathetic attempt to justify "justice":

Gayle Lemmon [Council of Foreign Relations] I think this is what happens when you have Taliban controlled areas, right? I mean, I think women face punishments such as stoning, slashing, beating, [unintelligible], without a trial, without ever getting a say. That's their version of justice.


Brian Ross [ABC News]: And, why is that approach? [unintelligible] our viewers why the Taliban treats women this way?

Lemmon: I don't think the Taliban universally treats women this way, but this is their version of the law. They have a view of the ideal times of Islamic [unintelligible]. Their version of the 7th century at the time of Islam's founding. And, they think this is what happens to women, you know, as carriers of honor. Anytime they stray outside of the line they must face severe punishment, slashings, beatings, stonings. And, that's their version of justice. And, men face the same kind of very tough justice from the Taliban.

Ross: As carriers of honor, though, women are in a sense held in higher regard and pay a price for it.

Lemmon: That's right. That's right. It' quite positive in the sense that women are viewed and respected as carriers of family honor, but it also means that they can pay the price for men's crimes. They can pay the price for being seen, without any kind of proof, as straying outside of the line.

Ross: And, in this case there is no evidence that the man she was seen with was similarly punished.

Lemmon: That's right... it happens, you know. Sometime the man is punished and sometime he isn't. And, in every case the woman is punished.

Excuse me, I've got to run to the toilet!

  1. May her soul rest in peace...If Allah or any other god claims that he is the creator of any particular religion, he should hang his head in shame!!! Srikanth

  2. No soul, no peace, only a horrible, horrible, death :(


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