September 13, 2010

Holy Smokes!

Alex Stewart is a citizen of Australia, a liberal democracy, I think. The people of Australia, including Mr. Stewart, just elected their government that has been sworn in to protect their constitutionally guaranteed rights. I hope that the elected representatives of the people of Australia take their oath of office seriously.

As an atheist, Mr. Stewart wanted to demonstrate that the Bible and the Koran are just "f---ing" books. So, he tore up a page or two from these books, rolled some grass clippings into them, and lighted them as he would cigarettes. Adding a touch of humor to the event, "he gave the Bible a seven out of 10 for its burning qualities, and said it was better than the Koran which left him feeling sick."

I burn my old newspapers, magazines, and pulp fiction routinely to kindle a fire in my fireplace. If I owned a copy of Bible, Das Kapital, Koran, Mein Kampf, Origin of Species, Ramayana, or whatever that is moth-eaten, figuratively, or literally, I have every right to throw them in there, too.

If I wanted to take a video of this trash burning in the fireplace with me shouting "Holy Smokes!", and publish it any media that agrees to publish it, that's my right, too.

To those who are offended by my action or the video, I say, "You have every right to be offended. You can "give your tonsils as a good an airing as you would like" without violating the local laws on noise pollution. You may republish my video, edit it, clip it, and add critical comments, within the terms of the license that I grant to you. You can call me a nitwit, a sociopath, a f#$*ing idiot, or whatever name you like, in any space, virtual or real, to which you have the relevant rights. And, I reserve the right to reject your criticisms and name calling.

Like Mr. Stewart, I presume that I am living in a liberal democracy, too, and not in a theocracy. We have every right here to engage in a war of words over ideas, good or bad. If I had done nothing illegal, and I am physically assaulted by mindless minions, it's the bloody responsibility of the State to protect me and punish the criminals. I pay taxes for that, not for pandering to the idiots, who, at the slightest provocation, wouldn't hesitate to sacrifice the living in the altar of the dead.

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