September 17, 2010

Ahead of the Blasphemy Day

It's kind of lame to come up with similarities between business and religion, because religion is business. Almost. With my limited understanding of religion, and even more limited understanding of business, I have come up with a few subtle differences between business inside and outside of the church. Here are the top ten:

10 Corruption
Buy the Lords to curry favors
Sell the Lord to curry favors
9 Competition
Pretend war, practice peace
Pretend peace, practice war
8 Leisure
Work six days a week, rest on the seventh, may be
Rest six days a week, work on the seventh, may be
7 Sex
Man defrocks the madame
Madame defrocks the monsignor
6 Motto
We profit from life before death
We profit from life after death
5 Extortion
Pay now or we'll give you hell
Pay now and we'll give you heaven
4 Ad
There ain't no goods like our goods
There ain't no god like our god
3 Sale
Buy now, pay later
Pay now, buy later
2 Lust
All eyes on the bottom line
All eyes on the bottom, loin
1 Lesson
There's no such thing as free lunch
There's no such thing as free sex

International Blasphemy Rights Day is September 30th!
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