August 3, 2010

Unseen God... er... Camera!

One India News reports:

Nodding to the argument that not letting Swami Nithyananda preach was in violation of freedom of speech, Karnataka High Court on Friday, Jul 9 waved a green flag for him to resume preaching again while relaxing his bail conditions.

The court has also permitted the sex scandal-tainted godman to report at the jurisdictional police station monthly once...

The sexcapades of the religious guru came to light in Mar 2010 when a sex tape showing him in compromising positions with a woman, reportedly Tamil actress Ranjitha, leaked to the media.

This sparked off public outrage and the police, which initiated a case against him for hurting religious sentiments found plenty of skeletons in his closet amounting to a pile up of a bundle of charges.

Without prejudice to the case against Mr. Nithyananda, and the veracity of the sex tape or its lack thereof, I expect the man to begin his sermon thus [with grammatical errors that can be ignored in the broader interest of one second enlightenment]:

It's easy to search for God, but difficult to search for hidden camras

Hat Tip: to Shiva for the picture via private email

  1. haha! That would be awesome innit? He could actually use some of his money in opening an electronic surveillance business..Srikanth

  2. Regardless of the bullshit this or any other religious figure peddles, I don't see how this guy has broken the law? Even if the tape is authentic and he was screwing some actress..these are both consenting adults who can engage in whatever sexual activity they want to. I'm surprised that the person filming this wasn't arrested too. Wouldn't it be illegal for me to videotape 2 adults in their bedroom and post it on the internet?
    Either way, India is full of religious nuts and charlatans and its probably internal rivalry that led to this whole 'sting'. One of the driving reasons I got the hell outta there. The the US started to get like them so I got the hell outta there. Soon I'll run out of places to run to.


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