January 29, 2010

No, Virginia, you don't have a vagina!

Wondering if Peter knew what a girl looked like "down there", Anne Frank, 15, wrote this entry in her diary on March 24, 1944:

But to get back to the subject. How on earth can you explain what it all looks like without any models? Shall I try anyway? Okay, here goes!
The lower part looks as if it were just skin, and yet that's where the vagina is. You can barely find it, because the folds of skin hide the opening. The hole's so small I can hardly imagine how a man could get in there, much less how a baby could come out. It's hard enough trying to get your index finger inside. That's all there is, and yet it plays such an important role!

A concerned parent in Culpeper County, Virginia, would not have their fifteen or sixteen year old read any of this. They complained to the county school authorities: "No, Virginia, there is no vagina. As certain as I am that there is a Santa Claus. We must banish the complete version of the Diary of a Young Girl from the eighth grade curriculum and the libraries, before it corrupts our pure and innocent. Before they fall prey to the wily temptations of the devil in the disguise of perhaps the most famous fifteen year old in the world!" And, the school obliged.

That their pure and innocent will be legally eligible to marry in Virginia, now, or a year from now, is irrelevant for the complainant or the school board. As long as they remain unaware of their own vagina, they can marry, have sex, and give birth to babies, for all we care. To know where it is, what it is like, and what it does, however, will be sacrilegious!

All along I have been thinking that the Talibans are the crazy ones!

  1. This is very very surprising...especially since most 12-year-olds today know a lot more than just the description of a vagina.

    Having said that, I must also say that the number of young women who don't know their own bodies is staggering. I've seen successful, urbane young professionals who are devastatingly clueless about their own anatomies. Oh well, it IS a crazy world!

  2. this is weird.... I never understand how hiding something from someone will not lead them right there. If not from this source, some other source.


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