January 12, 2010

Miep Gies

b.15 February 1909 — d.11 January 2010

From an interview, Miep Gies remembers Anne Frank, 1998:

Interviewer: How do you look back on the war years?

Miep Gies: 'I often wonder how it could have happened, and why. I've struggled with this a great deal. Once we were talking about it together and I said to Jan, "This is what I think. We've been allowed to go on living. We have to keep on going, no matter how difficult it is. We can't stand still, because those who stand still fall by the wayside. "But you're just a human being. And a human being has to have something to hold on to. So I continued, "In those dark days during the war we didn't stand on the sidelines. We offered a helping hand, we committed our very lives. We couldn't have done any more than that."

Freedom means ... respect for the lives of others. Farewell, Miep Gies, we will miss you.

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  1. Strangely enough, I read Miep Gies' "Remembering Anne Frank" long before I read Anne Frank's diary or heard of her. I was awed not only by what she did during the war years but also by her humility. I've admired her so much and was sad to hear about her death.


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