December 11, 2009

Your Life Under Sharia - V

Echoing the liberal media and voices of appeasement world over, Claudio Cordone, an op-ed contributor to New York Times wrote on the recent Swiss ban on minarets:

The success of the referendum brings with it some long, hard lessons for the Swiss authorities that other European countries and political leaders would also do well to heed...

The absence of vocal, united and consistent opposition to the initiative clearly left the terrain free for the fear-mongering and exaggeration that Islamophobic ideologues thrive on. Other countries should not make the same mistake.

Fear-mongering, exaggeration, really? Read on.

[A court] has sent seven man (sic) to prison without bail and released two others with charges, accused of judging a woman according to Sharia law and planning to kill her for adultery. They are charged with illegally holding the woman, criminal association and attempted manslaughter... The detainees had created an Islamic Tribunal and illegally tried the woman for adultery, which according to Sharia law is punished with death by lapidation [stoning].

Muslim parents are warned to not allow their daughters to use the gymnasiums in the schools nor on any account should they use swimming pools. Muslims are told to remove their daughters from school upon the first appearance of menstruation.

According to one report, a Muslim teenage boy was given a severe beating by Muslim enforcers for having merely played soccer with non-Muslims. From the mosques there continue to emerge demands that Muslims not socialize with infidels.

In another such case, a pregnant woman was beaten by two men in October 2009 ... for having neglected to wear a veil. She managed to escape but was to suffer a miscarriage as a result.
Sources: Euro Weekly News, Energy Publisher

Where? Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Iran, Malaysia...? India, perhaps? No, in Catalonia, Tarragona, Gironés, and Segarra in Spain!

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