June 4, 2009

President Obama's Cairo Speech

No surprises in President Obama's speech in Cairo. I am disappointed that he repeated his assertion about the USA not being at war with Islam, although he followed it up this time with a vow to fight terrorism relentlessly. As if terrorism is the only problem with Islam!

Islam, as expected, received much praise from this man who is unafraid of acknowledging his roots in that religion. What irked me was the association of this religion with the accomplishments of the people of that region. Algebra and astronomy have as much to do with Islam, if any, as Heisenberg's uncertainty principle or Schrödinger's Cat has to do with Nazism. Would President Obama attribute Christiaan Barnad's contributions to cardiac surgery to Apartheid? What has Nazism to do with Richard Stauss's Arabella and Friedenstag? Why then credit Islam with Kahlil Gibran's or Kazi Nazrul Islam's poetry? For more on this, please read my post: God, King, and Science.

  1. Incisive post, as always!

  2. oops. he has taken it one step further now. I am waiting to see what he will come up with next.

  3. I am surprised! How could the so-called secular democracies governed by the average persons --nay, less than mediocre ones -- be more conducive to reformation, cultural renaissance, scientific thinking and advancement of technology than those societies governed by idealistic rulers who patronized one or the other religion or an universal religion? Is history being twisted around?


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