March 22, 2009


Until President Obama made his faux pas on the Special Olympics while appearing on the Jay Leno show, Pope Benedict was merrily riding the media waves. On his mission to the African continent, presumably to rescue the misguided pagans from hell and grant them salvation, Benedict first poo-pooed the effectiveness of condoms in preventing sexually transmitted diseases, in particular, HIV/AIDS. His cure? The Bible, of course. Embrace the bible and follow its commands, and the world will be rid of these scourges and more. As a bonus, he did not say, we will be rid of promiscuity and sex for pleasure, too!

If Pope Benedict had stopped with that, I would have dismissed his words as those of a delusional old man living in the Garden of Eden, but he did not. He went on to berate the men and women of Africa for believing in witchcraft as a cure all, and extolled the virtues of listening to the evangelists, and converting to Christianity. I suppose Pope Benedict has been deprived of watching enlightening TV shows, where Christian evangelists routinely perform medical miracles. Oops, that's not witchcraft, though. It's called faith healing!

In case these TV miracles fail to impress the Pope in his war on witchcraft, he should watch this YouTube video, where Thomas Muthee, the vanquisher of the evil witch Mama Jane, anointing Mayor Sarah Palin against witchcraft, so she could be free to lead the Alaskan faithful, and eventually the entire Christian America, out of the financial ground zero, and into the kingdom of heaven!

What did you say we must reject, Pope Benedict? Whichcraft was it?


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