March 6, 2009

God's Law

Hm, when did I last blog about these so-called laws of gods, reigning supreme over the affairs of the humans? This time it's in Brazil, which is predominantly Catholic. Abortion, it follows, is illegal in that country, except in cases of rape or endangerment to the mother's life.

Maria (not her real name) is only 9 years old, and barely weighs 75 lbs (36 kg). She was raped by her stepfather, not once, but routinely since she was 6. Only, in the latest incident Maria got pregnant with twins. Her stepfather has confessed to the rape, and has been arrested. If convicted of the crime, I suppose he will be given the appropriate punishment under Brazil's penal code.

Maria's doctors deemed her uterus to be too small to carry even one fetus to full term, leave alone twins, without risking her life. Abortion, they decided, was within the bounds of the law:

"She is very small. Her uterus doesn't have the ability to hold one, let alone two children," [the director of the hospital where the abortion was performed, Fatima] Maia said.

Not so fast, declared the Church. Its lawyers wanted Maria to carry the babies to full term, and if necessary, have a Caesarean section. Fortunately for her, the Brazilian court sided with Maria.

The Church, however, remained defiant:

"The law of God is above any human law," Jose Cardoso Sobrinho, the archbishop of Olinda and Recife, said on newspaper O Globo's website.

Maria's mother, and her doctors who performed the abortion, were excommunicated from Catholicism.

I haven't heard anything from the archbishop about what his god's law said about the rapist. Would he prefer a personal confession from the rapist to whitewash his sin? Or, would he rather wait till the pedophile reached the gates of St.Peter at the ripe old age of 80, after he had fathered a few dozen great grand daughters? Perhaps, justice must wait even longer. For, wasn't it the same god who called for four or more male witnesses for the rape?

Make no mistake about it, I fully respect the Catholic Church's prerogative to excommunicate those who are involved in this heinous crime to save Maria. In fact, I strongly recommend that they do so. I recommend that they excommunicate every Catholic who engages in sex for pleasure, and not for reproduction. I beseech them to excommunicate every woman who takes a pill, every boy and every girl who engages in premarital sex, and every gay and lesbian couple. And, please, please excommunicate every accomplice to these sins.

Rest not until there is no Catholic left on this planet to excommunicate! Thank you.

  1. "Rest not until there is no Catholic left on this planet to excommunicate!" :D That day will never come , if you take into consideration the proselytization drives .

  2. is such incidents that make you question the usefulness of religion.

    Why should religion only be repressive and forced?

    Why should there be such a divide between religion and logic?

    (I am surprised that the Church works so hard to enforce its ideals that they actually have lawyers fighting for them!)

  3. So religious apathy isn't the rule in India alone?!
    Why is it that religion goes up against logic and religion puts life at risk..?
    Isn't it everyone's right to live? Then why would the church rather wait for the girls' life to be put at risk when she can be saved now?Would the priests feel and do the same had it been their daughter or relative,I guess not.

  4. one more question - who are they to decide what god wants?


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