January 5, 2009

Double Indirection

No, I am not talking about any object-oriented programming concept.

As if it is not enough of a violation of a woman's sexual and reproductive rights to be forced by her parents into a marriage against her will, the radical Islamists, a.k.a. Taliban, have now expropriated the right to determine to which terrorist a Pakistani Muslim woman's "hand should be given to". Taliban new dictum: Marry daughters to militants:

On the heels of their crusade against girls going to schools, the Taliban have now issued new dictum in the areas under their sway asking parents of the grown up daughters to marry them to militants or ‘face dire consequences’.

I say, either the Taliban, with the world getting tougher and tougher on terrorist, has discovered that this is the only way to ensure a continuous supply of human fodder for their suicide bombing expeditions, or worse, the heaven is running out of virgins!

Hat Tip: anonymous e-mailer.

  1. You seem to be on a crusade!

  2. No, Ela, you are wrong. You'll never catch me on a warpath to defend a couple of pieces of wood joined together in the form of a plus sign :)


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