December 3, 2008

Tragedy and Farce — Part 1

Atanu Dey on India’s Development: Tragedy and Farce — Part 1:
The most important element of the subsequent farce involves obtuseness. The usual bunch of pseudo-secular intellectuals write what they consider to be penetrating analysis such as “What They Hate About Mumbai.” They appear to be deaf and dumb to the persistently professed goal of the terrorists of claiming India — the Land of the Impure — for Islam. The terrorists cry themselves hoarse with blood-curdling yells of “allah hu akbar” while slaughtering without compunction...

Please don't confuse the chickenpox afflicted with the chickenpox virus.

  1. The past few years in this decade has been increasingly traumatic for every decent soul on this planet. Almost all cases of terrorism has been about ethnicity, superiority of class according to various interpretations of a God that increasingly, most modern generations are coming to question. I personally do not believe any God would actually profess slaughtering other human lives. If I am wrong in this belief, this God has got to be a Man. No other is capable of being this inhuman.

    All these arguments about Muslim and Islam, terrorists and muslims, chickenpox and virus, emanate mainly from the frustration at our inability to even watch or hear of such atrocities let alone do something about it. I agree with Pooja when she says that its the terrorists that we need to attack, not every muslim. But unfortunately I am not that intelligent. When I see a typical muslim, I only remember the twin towers and now the Mumbai attacks. And probably for a muslim in Baghdad every White man in army fatigues reminds him of a bombed home or a dead relative or a missing body part. So how do you recognize a terrorist?

    Last week, during the Mumbai attacks, an Indian friend from the US was visiting. She was getting e-mail updates of her colleague in India, who was in the Taj, in a closet with 2 dead people for three whole days! And hey, this guy is a muslim. He locked himself because probably the terrorists would have thought he was not a muslim and the police would have thought he was a terrorist. And I am pretty sure they are smarter than I am - the Muslim, the terrorist and the Poicemen..

    Its all a matter of Faith isn't it? Ordinary citizens all over the world put their 'Faith' in a small handful of representatives to run governments and fix their problems. Terrorists have 'Faith' in their teachers who have convinced them they need to behead a journalist in order to keep the Faith. A child has 'Faith' in her mother when she clutches her index finger while crossing the road.

    And I believe I have the Faith in the 75% of the rest of the world population to tackle issues currently propogated by much less than 25% of the muslim community.

    The last couple of times in this century when the world went to War the reasons were similar. We all vehemently argue about extremism because the terrorists have instilled the fear of how this is going to end. Even as an ordinary mortal, I am wise enough to fear Judgement day in my lifetime. And I am deeply saddened by legacy we leave our children. More so the Muslim children.

  2. Off-topic :
    I am trying to cook up a new conspiracy theory for a communist friend - pl. help me fine tune this ..:-)

    Terrorists attacked :
    1) Taj - because it is owned by Tatas and Ratan is pally with Modi these days. Communists in Kolkata helped the terrorists by supplying SIMs etc. because Tatas relocated Nano plant to their Enemy's state.. Also Tata is a Parsi - their forefathers escaped Islamic persecution so anyway it is an unfinished agenda
    2) Attacked Jews - to remove any doubt against communists and to get funding from rich Arabs..
    3) CST was attacked simply because they hate Shivaji for historical reasons..


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