December 18, 2008

Reason to Kill

Killed in the Islamic terrorist attack on Mumbai, India, on November, 26, 2008:

Rivkah Holtzberg was six months pregnant, when she, along with her husband, Rabbi Gavriel Noach Holtzberg, were brutally tortured and killed by the terrorists in the Chabad House of Mumbai, also known as "Nariman House".

The terrorists had a reason to kill Rivkah and Gavriel!

Sixty-year-old Meera Chatterjee had traveled all the way from Singur, West Bengal, to Mumbai to be with her son, who had just lost his job and was depressed. On the night of the 26th, she was waiting at the the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus to catch a train home. A terrorist simply walked up and shot her at point-blank range, killing her instantly.

The terrorists had a reason to kill Meera!

"The day is still etched in my memory. My dad [encounter specialist, Vijay Salaskar] came home early from work, ate his dinner and hurried out saying he was on duty. After sometime, the news of his death flashed on television. It is great personal loss for me and my mother,” said teenager Divya Salaskar, as tears trickled down on her cheeks.

The terrorists had a reason to kill Vijay!

A Sydney based father of two, Brett Gilbert Taylor, was killed in the Mumbai terrorist attacks. Mr Taylor, 49, a well-known timber merchant, was with the group of 12 New South Wales businessmen on a trade visit to Mumbai, staying at the Oberoi Trident Hotel.

The terrorists had a reason to kill Brett!

“I can’t speak fluent Hindi, but I will try,” said K. Unnikrishnan, his voice breaking midway as he struggled for words. A tired Unnikrishnan [who was insulted as being worse than a dog by the Communist Chief Minister of Kerala, Mr. Achyuthanandan], accompanied by wife C. Dhanalakshmi, lost their son Sandeep Unnikrishnan, a National Security Guards Major, to terrorist bullets.

The terrorists had a reason to kill Sandeep!

Rakhila Abbas Ansari was waiting with her family at the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus to catch a train to her native Mananpur village in Bihar to celebrate Bakr-id. The terrorists had a different plan. Within minutes after the attack began Rakhila and her entire family, barring two of her children, succumbed to indiscriminate machine gun fire.

The terrorists had a reason to kill Rakhila and her family!

The Chief of Anti-Terrorism Squad [ATS] of Mumbai, Hemant Karkare was shot three times in the chest as he led his men at the Taj Mahal Hotel to free it of terrorists. For wife Kavita, the blow is irreparable. She has retreated into a shell of silence...

The terrorists had no reason to kill Hemant Karkare.

Says, not any garden variety conspiracy theorist whom you may encounter on the streets of Delhi or Kolkotha, but a Cabinet Minister of India. After the sacked Home Minister, Shivraj Patil, we have the Minister for Minority Affairs, Mr. A.R. Antulay, standing up for the Islamic terrorists: "Superficially speaking they (terrorists) had no reason to kill Karkare. Whether he (Karkare) was victim of terrorism or terrorism plus something. I do not know." And, prominent leaders of the Muslim community in India concur.

Yes, Mr. Abdul Rahman Antulay, it's clear — crystal — that the terrorists had every reason to kill Rivkah, Vijay, Sandeep, Meera, Brett, Rakhila, Sareena, Steve, Samveer, Thomas, Monica... names, few, if any, outside of their friends and family, could have recognized, but you don't know of any reason why they'd kill Hemant Karkare.

The Islamic Republic of Pakistan and their Army of the Pure [Lashkar-e-Taiba] ought to be delighted. They are fortunate to have a trusted ally in Mr. Antulay, whose loyalty to the Republic of India could only be compared to their respect for life and liberty.

  1. Dear friend,

    The story begins with the word 'Islamic terror attack'. You write well but shouldn't you have avoided the word 'Islamic'. Though it's your personal choice but I think it would have given far-great gravity to your post. Anyway, it's your choice. It was more a Pakistan-sponsored or ISI-sponsored foreign attack on all of us, our nation. I do like your blog.

  2. Dear blogger,
    Do condemn violence, particularly, the mindless, senseless,brutal & idiscriminate violence, but spare us the western bias towards Islam and tenets! Take care against such violence even in the country where lipservice is paid to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness!

  3. I completely agree with your sentiments here. I'd like to suggest a correction though,
    Hemant Karkare did not lead his men to Taj, action had already begun there, he was shot somewhere near Cama Hospital and VT station.

    You can refer to Page 2 of Bombay edition of Times of India date 19-Dec-2008 for details.

  4. indscribe:
    Thank you for your compliments on my blog.

    I visited your profile page, and then your web page. I noticed that you call yourself an Indian and a Muslim. I suppose you are a citizen of India, and sworn (implicitly or explicitly) to abide by and defend its Constitution. Hence, you call yourself an Indian.

    Why do you call yourself a Muslim? Is it because you were born to Muslim parents, or is it because you follow the tenets of Koran? If latter, do you agree with the entire content of the Koran, or only selected verses and chapters? Do you believe that every word written in the Koran is an absolute truth that cannot be challenged by you or me?

    I use the word "Islamic" to qualify someone who unquestioningly agrees with and abides by every word that is written in the Koran, including ideas that are misleading, rejected by reason and science, and downright inhuman. And the "Islamic terrorists" are the generals who use these tenets of Islam to inspire, recruit, and activate the foot soldiers.

    If tomorrow, a group of Aryan Supremacists attacked Tel Aviv in the name of Nazism, I'll have no hesitation in calling them Nazi terrorists, will you? Or, if some casteist Hindus bombed Dharavi and killed 200 Dalits, I'll have no hesitation in calling them Hindu terrorists, will you?


    I may be guilty of a personal bias against Islam, but I have no idea what you meant by western bias.

    If you thought my blog was biased against Islam, it's fairly simple to spare yourself of the unhappiness. I am not forcing you, and I promise I will never force you to visit or read my blog. That, of course, is not a lip service but full service commitment from me to your life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.

    Thanks for the correction. I was myself confused about the location of Hemant Karkare's killing, but I merely quoted the source, which in this case is Thaindian News.

  5. Rational Fool,

    I disagree with your definition of the word "Islamist". I do agree that the usage of the word Islamist is appropriate though. I disagree with your definition.

    (Although it is irrelevant here, I'd like to add here that I'm a Hindu).

    My definition of "Islamist Terrorism" is Terrorism perpetrated in the name of Islam. Different from Terrorism perpetrated by Muslims, whatever their Koranic beliefs maybe.

    LeT is justly called an Islamist Terror group, but not for the reason that they do not question the Koran (It is not our business to question which verses of the Koran they believe in and which verses they dont). They are justly called an Islamist Terror group for they fight in the name of Islam.

    For eg:, Terrorists of the LTTE are referred to as Tamil terrorists, not Hindu terrorists, and rightly so. Its because they fight in the name of Tamil, not Hinduism.

    Naga terrorists are not called Christian terrorists, for they fight not in the name of Christ. Their political platform (for terror) is based on their Naga ethnicity.

  6. a suggestion. can you remove the right side bar from your blog. as of now, your blog, despite the good content, looks a bit shabby and honestly is quite unreadable. besides who want to read Google news from your blog? i see you yourself may read there. but why should your readers suffer for that?

  7. Nerus,
    I don't think our disagreement is significant. If you thought so, let's agree to disagree :)

    I appreciate your helpful suggestions. I'll work on those, and see if I could improve the layout/presentation of my blog. Thanks.

  8. Calling Mr.Antulay a traitor would politically incorrect , I guess . As is calling what happened in Mumbai inspired by Islamic Terrorism . I have been active on the blogosphere for about one and a half years , and you usually encounter your more than average educated Indian here ( wrt Indian bloggers) . And I have been positively stumped by the way many of them think . Peace with a back-stabbing nation like Pakistan . Life sentence for Afzal Guru . Obsession with pseudo-secularism . Anyways , it was a pleasure stumbling upon your blog . Do visit mine , if you feel like it .

  9. Very telling post, TRF. I found the comments section interesting, too.

  10. The seeds of this mess have been sown by our politicians, worst of them all, the Congress.

    They make Hindu bashing fashionable, and pretend to be the saviors of Muslims. They care for no one, pay lip service to the minorities with no intent to work for anybody's betterment, and our poor nation goes to the dogs because of these idiots and their insensitive and secular comments.

    How cool is that!

  11. Very touching article.

    Reason? That is why civil society calls them terrorists.

    As some wise guy said, even if the so called problems these guys claim to be fighting were solved, they would still kill people. I think Rushdie said that.

  12. Kislay, amreekandesi, venkat,
    Welcome and thanks for your appreciative comments.

    As always, we tend to think alike :)


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