November 27, 2008

How Safe Are [India's] Nukes?

B.Raman: How Safe Are Our Nukes?
"The war of civilisation between the Muslims and the infidels has begun in Indian territory."

So said the first statement issued in the name of the so-called Indian Mujahideen (IM) in November, 2007, after the three orchestrated explosions in three towns of Uttar Pradesh outside local courts.

We saw the latest round of this war in Mumbai on the night of November 26, 2008, as an unestimated number of terrorists--divided into small groups and wielding hand-held weapons and improvised explosive devices (IEDs)--literally took control of Mumbai...

I could not sleep the whole of last night. One question, which kept bothering me again and again was: how safe are our nuclear establishments and material?


To think that the Mumbai attack was apparently carried out by boatloads of terrorists arriving by the sea in this bustling metropolis of 12 million people, and that seven out of the ten nuclear power plants in India are on or near the coast — chilling!

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