September 20, 2008

Miss Bible Belt

An excellent article in the Newsweek by Sam Harris — the author of The End of Faith — on Gov. Sarah Palin, Sen. John McCain's running mate. Here is an excerpt to get you started:

You can learn something about a person by the company she keeps. In the churches where Palin has worshiped for decades, parishioners enjoy "baptism in the Holy Spirit," "miraculous healings" and "the gift of tongues." Invariably, they offer astonishingly irrational accounts of this behavior and of its significance for the entire cosmos. Palin's spiritual colleagues describe themselves as part of "the final generation," engaged in "spiritual warfare" to purge the earth of "demonic strongholds." Palin has spent her entire adult life immersed in this apocalyptic hysteria. Ask yourself: Is it a good idea to place the most powerful military on earth at her disposal? Do we actually want our leaders thinking about the fulfillment of Biblical prophecy when it comes time to say to the Iranians, or to the North Koreans, or to the Pakistanis, or to the Russians or to the Chinese: "All options remain on the table"?

Goodbye, stem cell research, and welcome, Armageddon! Scaryyy...

  1. By the same logic, all views of Obama's pastor can be attributed to him.

  2. etlamatey:
    That's true, provided that Gov. Palin disavowed such irrational pronouncements firmly, and without ambiguity, as Sen. Obama did.


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