September 23, 2008

I am Fired? You are Dead!

The virus of left-wing extremism in India seems to be spreading beyond the so-called Red Corridor. The Hindustan Times reports:

The chief executive officer of a Greater Noida-based gear manufacturing company was lynched to death inside factory promises on Monday, allegedly by a group of dismissed workers.

Law and order in industrial sectors has been deteriorating, said Association of Greater Noida Industries (AGNI) vice president Aditya Ghildiyal. Lalit Kishore Choudhary (47), CEO and India-head of the Rs 360-crore Graziano Transmissioni India Pvt Ltd, was killed when a meeting to discuss the dismissal of over 125 workers turned violent...

“Around 125 dismissed workers armed with iron rods barged into the factory and went on rampage. They broke computers and machinery and smashed windowpanes. When Lalit tried to pacify them, they assaulted him with rods,” board of director Ramesh Jain told Hindustan Times.

Well, what's new in the la-la land of secularism and socialism, where hundreds of lives are routinely extinguished in flashes of fire, and then explained away as natural reactions to discrimination and oppression, perceived or real. To no one's surprise, the usual apologists on the left can be expected to quickly lay the blame on the victims in the Noida incident, too. Having said that, I honestly did not expect this from a cabinet minister of a nation that is attempting to extricate itself from decades of economic isolation, while competing with a far savvier neighbor to attract foreign investment:

The Government has said that "simmering discontent among the workers" is the main reason behind the death of L K Chaudhary, the CEO of an Italy-based company Graziano, in Greater Noida. (Watch)

"This should serve as a warning for the managements. It is my appeal to the managements that the workers should be dealt with compassion," Union Labour Minister Oscar Fernandes told reporters at a press conference.

"There are disparities in the wages of permanent employees and contract workers. The workers should not be pushed so hard that they resort to whatever that had happened in Noida,” he said.
That's right, Mr. Fernandez, extremism, including murder and terrorism, all are a-okay in class wars, Christ be damned! Unfortunately, your boss doesn't seem to agree. In case you hadn't listened, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said this last December:
I have said in the past that Left Wing Extremism is probably single biggest security challenge to the Indian state. It continues to be so and we cannot rest in peace until we have eliminated this virus.

If I were your boss, Mr. Fernandez, I'd fire you on the spot; you have just put the economic prosperity of a billion people in jeopardy. Then again, you may turn around and beat me to death, and get away with murder in the name of your socialist ideals, especially when elections are around the corner. Life in India, as I have said a couple of times before, is cheap, but vote is priceless, after all!

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