September 9, 2008

CONservative for CHANGE!

Folks, I am a CONservative; have always been; will always be.

Folks, I am for CHANGE; have always been; will always be.

[Pictures collaged from:
Image:Burg Rotenhan 8.jpg, Wikipedia Commons;
Image:Penrose triangle.svg, Wikipedia Commons;
Image:Sarah Palin and John McCain in Albuquerque.jpg, Wikipedia Commons]

CONservative for CHANGE!

Now, if that's not an oxymoron, I don't know what is.

  1. Its not necessarily an oxymoron. Maybe the CONservatives want to CHANGE the world back to something they are comfortable with...i.e., cheap gas, no marriage between gays, and all that.

  2. funny how the CONS...always make it into the most powerful positions in government, the change, could be the stuff that makes it into their own coffers!!!the change could just be to go backwards to the tried and tested, after all his a republican


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