June 9, 2008

Under the Spotlight

Even a seven year old knows that the politicians love to be in the limelight, while keeping their rivals and the rest of the hoi polloi in the darkness. Their sycophantic sheep and underlings are only too glad to shine the spotlight on them wherever and whenever they can. Only this time the sheep in Kerala, India, seem to have gone a bit too wild in their eagerness to please their masters:

Use of high-voltage lights at a public function in Kerala caused eye injuries to about 30 people, including state assembly Speaker K. Radhakrishnan and Lok Sabha member Lonappan Nambadan from Mukundapuram...
The organisers reportedly used powerful spotlights to light up the dais and most of those who complained of discomfort in their eyes were sitting on the dais.

I say, keep up the good work fellas; let there be more light, and show them up for what they are!

  1. Thanks, Usha, but no cigar for me. Not yet. Need a couple of more weeks to wrap things up. Until then, expect little more than a few squibs like this one :(


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