May 2, 2008

Saffron or Green on the Top?

The Times of India reports:

Unfurling of tri-colour upside down by a Maharashtra minister during a function in Vidarbha has sparked off a controversy with two policemen being suspended for negligence in fixing the tri-colour...

The police swung into action and ASI Tulshiram Chandrabhan Ambhore and constable Ajay Dayaram Akharao were suspended for failing to discharging their duties.

[State Forest Minister Babanrao Pachpute] , however, sought to alienate himself from the controversy on Friday and sources close to him said: "It was not his mistake. The policeman who was supposed to have handed over one of the two flag strings to Pachpute kept it with himself and handed over the other to the minister, resulting in the flag being unfurled in reverse."

Poor Dayaram and Tulshiram! An inadvertent mistake, and they get suspended and charged for Offences under Section 2 of Prevention of Insults to National Honour Act 1971? Cruel and unusual punishment, I say.

Lighten up, fellas! How many really know whether the saffron or the green has the upper hand in the display of India's national honor? Besides, Minister Pachpute himself seems to have been clueless, until a lowly clerk brought the error to his notice. Well, the buck never really stops at the higher-ups, I guess.

  1. It is remarkable that people lose their jobs for precisely this faux pas every year. I bet if you take a stat poll in Parliament, half of our patriotic SOBs there will get the flag wrong!


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