February 4, 2008

Your Life Under Sharia - I

The Supreme Court of the Islamic Republic of Iran has upheld the death sentence for two Iranian sisters, Zohreh and Azar, for adultery. The court has confirmed a lower penal court's order that the two women be stoned to death. The sisters were earlier convicted of "illegal relations" with strangers, and received 99 lashes as punishment.

Adultery ranks with murder, rape, armed robbery, and serious drug trafficking under Sharia, the world's most arcane and draconian moral code. All these are capital crimes punishable by death, adultery by stoning. Sharia is instituted as the legal system in almost all Islamic States. In its cruelty and inhumanity, this system is as abhorrent as Apartheid and Nazism. It should have no place in the civilized world, and by association, Iran should have no place in the community of nations, if it continued to be governed by Sharia.

  1. true! but what should we do to bring about a change?

  2. Speaking of Iran, Have you seen the movie Persepolis?


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