December 7, 2007


David Shoetz at ABC News reports:
A fast-acting high school student fed up with a man's repeated indecent behavior on a Boston subway snapped a cell phone picture that may help police track down the suspected pervert.
In these days when just about every sexual perversion is attributed to the digital revolution, the reported incident shows that what may be bad for the goose may turn out to be bad for the gander, too. Several Indian State Authorities who have banned children and teens from possessing cell phones should take note. Revoking the ban may be one way to foil the eve teasers lurking in every street corner near girls' schools.
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  1. Eve teasing is a very serious issue in Indian cities. In the villages, they probably don't bother with time-wasting activities like teasing. Gang rape or kidnapping are more likely.
    The digital world's advances in our lives cannot be stopped by the schools' trying to force some restraint on young kids.


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