November 30, 2007

Root of Evil V

Time to write another squib on the root of evil.

According to news reports, Taslima Nasreen has contacted her publishers to withdraw some of her comments in Dwikhandito, that may have offended the sentiments of the followers of Islam. Of her free will, of course, just as the communists claim that she had left Kolkota to wherever she is or has been of her free will. Sad, but one has to be, before one can be a rebel, I guess.

Meanwhile, the bear attack on Gillian Gibbons has become more threatening than ever. CNN reports:

Hundreds of angry protesters, some waving ceremonial swords from trucks equipped with loud speakers, gathered Friday outside the presidential palace to denounce a teacher whose class named a teddy bear "Mohammed" -- some calling for her execution... Armed with swords and sticks, the protesters shouted: "By soul, by blood, I will fight for the Prophet Mohammad." Western journalists who attempted to talk to the protesters were ushered away by men in plain clothes.
Perhaps, only a Haj to Mecca in sackcloths burqua and ashes will save Ms. Gibbons, but I sincerely hope that there are still a few knights in their pin-stripe suits alive in Britain to rescue her, before she undertakes the trip across the Red Sea.
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