November 22, 2007

Marxistan Evicts Taslima Nasreen

The proletarian paradise and the Darjeeling of the Arundhati Roys and the Amartya Sens is on the brink of a revolution, I think. Unfortunately, it may not be the kind that these Marxists and Fabian Socialists have dreamt about. In the RGB-Hex terminology, it seems to be the 00-FF-00 variety, and not the FF-00-00 variety.

Riots and strikes are nothing new to the Kolkotans. The city could boil over a native cricketer's omission from the national team. The latest, however, was a particularly virulent one that called for the army to stage a flag march, and curfew to be imposed in parts of the city. Recently, Nandhigram, a village in the Indian state of Marxistan, aka West Bengal, was (re)captured by the guerrilla forces of the ruling party, the Communist Party of India (Marxists). The ensuing loss of many lives, allegedly belonging to the other M-word community, is stated to be the prime reason for the violence. Ostensibly, that is.

The real reason, I suspected, was the continuing presence of Taslima Nasreen, a noted feminist writer from Bangladesh, who was living in exile in Kolkota with a dozen fatwas on her head. The M's in this state and elsewhere in India — Hyderabad, for example — don't like her defaming the cherished name of their god-man with her writings, while occupying their land:

defn: any part of the earth that features an apartment complex, street, or suburb, where the M's live among the non-M's, and insist on being governed only by the laws of Sharia

My suspicions have been vindicated today. The communist government of the state successfully pressured their allies, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's government in New Delhi, to exile Taslima to Rajastan. Rajastan is, after all, a state ruled by the communal Hindu extremists, a label that the communists would like to stick to everyone but themselves. It's unlikely that they'll be opposed to an M-refusenik's entry into their state. So the Basus, the Bhattacharyas, and the Karats in the r-spectrum seem to have assumed.

Meanwhile, the rumors have it that the communists may have expropriated Taslima's home in Kolkota. In a show of its commitment to freedom of expression, the government is expected to gift it to the famed artist from Mumbai, M.F. Hussein, who had dared to paint the Hindu goddesses posing for him in the nude in temples around the country.

Arundhati Roy and other eminent anti-imperialist, anti-Zionist intellectuals of India should be happy.


AFP reports:

Police in the West Bengal capital put her on a flight to Jaipur, but the local Rajasthan government there also told her to leave at dawn on Friday. "She arrived here without informing us. Because of security reasons, the government has asked her to leave," Rajasthan's home minister Gulab Chand Kataria told reporters. The 45-year-old author declined to say where she was after leaving Rajasthan amid unconfirmed media reports she was heading for the federal capital New Delhi.

Allegedly communal governments behave no differently from allegedly secular governments!

  1. I thought of writing on this, but I am so disgusted and depressed by this wretched lot that I would not be able to write objectively.

  2. Pseudo secularism as a way of life. I'm baffled at the ignorance of common man, how can they not see such hypocrisy?


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