November 24, 2007

The Dust Divide

More than three quarters of Austrian men believe that dusting around the house is a woman's job, according to a recent survey. Naturally, less than a third of them did the chore, almost certainly with a lot of reluctance. There's not just a gender divide, but also an age divide. More than 80% of youth aged 18-29, would rather live with a coating of dust on their I-Pods and Wii's, than to keep them new and shiny. There is no information available on the gender divide, if any, in this Generation Y's crummy attitude towards dusting.

What is puzzling about the survey is that, 35% of those surveyed actually enjoyed dusting, and 74% of them are women! Really? Assuming that those surveyed are equally divided between males and females, a majority of the women interviewed must have enjoyed dusting. As a Martian, I fail to understand this Venusian preference ordering. Austrian women would rather dust than do what? Mountain bike? Play tennis? Watch movies?

Well, as you can see, I am no big fan of dusting. In fact, I dislike any chores around the house, and do them only with the utmost reluctance. I don't believe that dusting is a woman's job, either. I look forward to the day, when my wife and I could bring home an Alice or a Jabberwhacky, who would do all the cooking, cleaning, and shopping for us, so we could concentrate on designing and creating more Alices and Jabberwhackies, who can make music, plant roses in our garden, and play tennis with us!

  1. I am forced to perform some of these chores as Mom is not keeping well. Oh the torture. My biggest problem is that I never understand how some dust here and there matters. I mean i DO clean my monitor when i can't see what's written there. Isn't tha enough?

    End of rant.

  2. pssst..tell you what? I'd rather dust than do almost anything else.. weird huh? but so true!


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