October 7, 2007

Enemies of Progress

Rarely does a politician receive a praise from me, but I believe that the President of the Congress Party in India, Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, deserves one this time. Finally, the lady has been able to muster the courage and will to put the country's interest above that of her party in power.

Risking the almost certain withdrawal of the communists' support for the coalition government headed by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, she has labeled these fellows for what they have always been — demagogues who don't hesitate to tout their discredited ideology, whatever may be the cost to the people whom they profess to represent. Addressing a political rally in Haryana, Mrs. Gandhi said,

The opponents of the Indo-US nuclear deal are anti-development, prosperity and peace. We should all join hands in giving them a strong response... We must understand that such elements are not only the enemies of Congress but they are also enemies of progress and development.

With the communists spearheading the opposition to the growing Indo-US ties, in particular, the Indo-US nuclear deal, there's little doubt about whom she was referring to. I do expect Mrs. Gandhi's forthright statement to be spun out of shape by the wilier Congress political machine, but as Harry said to Sally when they met, "[It] doesn't matter because the [sex] thing is already out there so the friendship is ultimately doomed and that is the end of the story".

For the Indian communists and their ilk, Marx is an infallible god to die for, America is the evil empire, and the socialist utopia is the holy grail. None of these dogmas will stand the scrutiny of reason or evidence. Communism to me is, therefore, just another religion. Like all other religions, it stands in the way of progress, prosperity, and peace. I doubt if Mrs. Gandhi had meant this when she labeled these fellows as the enemies of progress and development, but I think she should have.

The lady in saffron, white, green, and blue, might have been born in Italy or Timbuktu for all I care, but she has shown herself to be more Indian today than any of those men and women who wrap themselves in the red flag.

  1. TRF: I too was pleasantly surprised by this move by Sonia. Your post is like a breath of fresh air!

    And apologies for the RTF/TRF confusion on my blog. I'm grateful to Rambodoc who (rather surreptitiously) pointed it out in Shefaly's blog's comments section!

  2. Though I, too, was taken aback by the stern and categorical assertion by Sonia, I thought the rationale for this must be more than good intent.
    They (the Congress) probably realised they couldn't get out of the 123 deal, and also that they couldn't hope to sway the Left on this issue.
    Well, if elections have to be faced, let us face it now, and occupy the high moral seat, seems to me to have been the line of strategy.

  3. True. Calling the communists' intentions out not only to the nation but to the world is indeed praiseworthy. And more so especially after their empty threats to withdraw from the government. Only in India can we be foisted with an expensive election over an issue that is clearly in India's favor. Any ideological opposition should be called out and I'm glad Sonia if not other members of the ruling party are doing so in explicit terms.

  4. mahendra,
    Thanks. No apology is necessay. I am supremely confident that a rose by any name, or for that matter, monicker, is still a rose :)

    You may be right. Or, what was she smoking before the speech ;)

    Yes, India is full of proverbial crabs in the open vat. And, the communists are the King Crabs!


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