August 9, 2007

Top Ten Reasons for Ind-US Alliance

Opposing the Ind-US strategic alliance and the nuclear cooperation agreement between the two nations, the Indian Communist supremo, Prakash Karat has challenged Prime Minister Manmohan Singh:
"What is the common strategic goal between India and USA? The USA attacked Iraq and now targetting Iran. Is it the same interest India has?," he asked.

For an answer to the question on the common tactical interest of the two nations, I urge the General Secretary to go back to school and complete a refresher course in geography and history. On their shared ideals and common long term goals, here are the top ten that must be giving the creeps to Mr. Karat and his colleagues buried in the "ash heap of history":

On the right path to a free market for goods and services, with appropriate checks and balances.
Fundamental rights to life, personal liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for all citizens.
A shared commitment to the removal of the veil of ignorance, and the advancement of knowledge and science.
A shared commitment to education for all citizens, irrespective of their gender, religion, ethnicity, caste, and class.
A secular constitution opposed to the establishment of religion by the State.
A multi-ethnic and multi-religious society that is founded on the principle of equality before law.
Rule of law based on reason, and not fantasy or religion.
Governance by democracy, not by fiat.
A serious threat to their freedom and ways of life from the theocratic and totalitarian states of the world.
A commitment to freedom of information and expression, so Mr. Karat and his likes can accede to China's claims on Indian territory, and raise dollars for their causes in "Imperial" America.

Tell that to Presidents Hu Jintao and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Mr. Karat, for you know quite well that they'll block access to such blaphemies and radical ideas!

My advice to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh: I never thought I'd live to quote Vice President Cheney, but for once, Prime Minister Singh, please tell Mr. Karat, "Go f*** yourself"!

  1. Could you repeat that last sentence in chinese too so it hits home better! :)

  2. Sorry, Usha. Don't know Mandarin, Cantonese, or any other Chinese language. Why don't you email Prakash Karat and ask him to translate it for you? I bet he must have heard it from his Chinese masters more than a few times :)

  3. :)
    Mr Singh has said his equivalent of this :
    Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has dared the Left parties to withdraw support to his government on the Indo-US civil nuclear deal.

    ''I told them (Left parties) that it is not possible to renegotiate the deal. It is an honourable deal, the cabinet has approved it, we cannot go back on it.

    ''I told them to do whatever they want to do, if they want to withdraw support, so be it,'' he said in an interview to the Kolkata based daily The Telegraph.


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