July 18, 2007

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In a hard-hitting article, "If We Don't Call Them Names, the Terrorists Win", published in the Chronicle Review, Carlin Romano chastises the politically correct and the hand-wringers, who want to defuse car bombs with kid gloves. Romano warns:

Let's mention just one key goal: the education of the world's Muslim youth. Instead of hearing moral praise and encouragement for terrorism from jihadists, which then gets mixed in their minds with the nonjudgmental, tactical talk of Western officials and media, they'd have to absorb a steady stream of insults of terrorists' intelligence, morality, decency, and reasoning. Young Muslims would have to get used to hearing jihadist heroes described as savages, scum, and uncivilized losers, along with the reasons why. It would intellectually force them, far more than they are forced today, to choose between two visions of the world.

I couldn't have written better! A case in point: Prime Minister Manmohan Singh of India, commenting on the anguish of Mohamed Haneef's family after his arrest in Australia, said, and I quote:

... [that] he has been watching the images of the two families in Bangalore shown on TV channels across the country and was heartbroken by the focus that the media was bringing on these particular families... "I could not sleep after watching the mothers of Indians in custody," he said.

Well, obviously a sensitive man sympathizing with the aggrieved families, who may not have had anything to do with the acts of their suspected terrorist kin, yes? Read on.

Late Tuesday, three weeks after the botched Glasgow and London bombings, Islamic terrorists in Kashmir, India, killed one and wounded several in a grenade attack on a camp that hosted the annual pilgrims to Amarnath. International Herald Tribune reports:

Suspected Islamic rebels threw a hand grenade at a market near a camp housing Hindu pilgrims in India's portion of Kashmir, killing one person and wounding 16, police said Wednesday. [emphasis added by me]

Islamic rebels? What are they rebelling against? Are they the moderate Muslims rebelling against the verses in the Koran that exhort allah's soldiers to kill the infidels? Perhaps, they are Muslim teenagers going on a rampage after a beer bash? Unveiled Muslim women, daring to hike in the Himalayas, clad only in their bikinis? Why are these blood-thirsty terrorists not just "bastards, lowlife, cowards, scum", as Romano calls them?

So much for the media reporting, but what was the reaction of Prime Minister Sensitive to the Amarnath victims and their aggrieved families?


  1. I agree with the point you are trying to make. Social ostracism can counter the strong pull towards shahidhood and 72 virgins promised by the recruiters for terrorism. But in spite of all the soft pedalling by the media don't you think it is already happening - the suspicion is widespread and life has become difficult for the average muslim everywhere. I wonder if the job description and perks of a terrrorist are as glamourous for these youth anymore.
    I also believe that it is good for the media to adopt this kind of language just so that they do not give cause for additional violence like the ones caused by the Danish cartoons.
    As for Manmohan singh's bleeding heart he still has a point. Media focus on the family does border on harrassment. Why not give them the benefit of doubt - they must already be suffering from the shameful acts of their son. It isn't like terrorism is their family business.

  2. It's time to call a spade a spade. The politically correct language, I agree, has gone too far. There is a real danger that the neutral tone adopted by the media and politicians can be seen as weak by these terrorists. Also, I think it is hypocritical to call them rebels. They are rebels if you agree with their cause, else they are just lowly terrorists.


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