July 2, 2007

Elected to Do Nothing

Finally, I have found a bunch of politicians, about whom I can write something positive. Thirty junior ministers in the Kenyan cabinet have admitted that they have little or no work to do. The BBC reports that Abu Chaiba, an assistant fisheries minister admitted, "I just go to the office and read newspapers". In a candid letter to the Kenyan President, Mwai Kibaki, they wrote that they owed it to the tax payer to receive a salary that was commensurate with what they did. A wrinkle in the story is that some Kenyan voters suspect their motives, because they have written their complaint just when the general elections are around the corner.

I would like to tell the Kenyan voters that all is well, whatever the motives behind the junior ministers' admission. $9m is a small price to pay for keeping the ministers occupied with the newspapers. Who knows how much more they'd rob from the tax payers, if they really made policy decisions! I liked Bill Clinton’s presidency a lot, because he mostly kept his fingers off the cookie jar. Perhaps, because they were busy with more personally rewarding stuff!

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  1. ya how do we keep our MPs out of the parliament and trains?
    Elect them and send them inside a powerfully guarded fort in their own constituency?


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