April 29, 2007

The Invasive Americans

It does not matter to them if ours is a bed of roses or a stockyard of invisible WMD's. They don't care if we worshiped the same god as their's or a million others. We may speak in the language of liberty or may be of the kind that silently suffers the shackles of dystopia, they don't seem to notice the difference.

They intrude on our land stealthily in the twilight of the evening, and defiantly in broad daylight. They trample on everything that we have nurtured and cared for, everything that we cherish. Then, they leave as stealthily as they came in, or as if they are saying, "In your face, mister!" And, we are the ones to clean up all the mess that they leave behind — in our land, always in our land!

The invasive Americans!

More specifically, the invasive American dog owners and their pets. The dogs that they walk everyday from their yard to mine. "Honey, it's time to take Daisy for a walk, don't you think?" Walk the dog? What a crock of...? Why not walk it around your own yard? You know quite well that it's time for Daisy to do what Daisies must do, don't you? And it's better that she does it in my front yard than in your backyard, is it not?

What about the doggie bags, you ask? For nine out of my ten fellow Americans, they are for taking home the leftovers after a dinner at the restaurant; not for taking home the stuff that Daisy leaves behind on my rose bushes! Laws? Neighborhood covenants? Who cares? They are there only for those losers who get caught!

Honestly, how could you with a straight face mock the sacred cows roaming the streets of India and crapping all over?

  1. In a figurative sense, we all knew they did that. at least their governements with respect to the countries where they have significant interest.
    But literally too - in their own land? This is unpardonable. and couldn't you slap a suit on your neighbour?( may be they could do a forensic analysis of the dog poo and pin the source in the neighbourhood!)

  2. At least cats bury their messes. This touches on the smoking in public issue too, and pollution in general. Dog poop is organic, and Americans love their dogs! Dogs are poop machines, and Americans love dogs, so that must mean Americans love poop machines!


  3. Awesome topic!
    Thats why i love this site so much!


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