February 20, 2007

Root of Humor, Too!

This blog has remained interrupted for more than a month now. The excuse is my preoccupation with the Indian bureaucracy for the said period, over the sale of an inherited property. The experience is worth a post in itself, and I'll get to it as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, what better way to restart the rational fool, than with a hilarious advertisement for Camlin permanent marker? The ad is a parody on the ritual humiliations of Hindu widows. I saw it first in a cinema hall in Chennai, before the start of Mani Ratnam's Guru. Even if you had seen it before, it's worth a revisit. Here's a YouTube version:

I wonder if the lawyer from Indore, who recently sued the former Indian cricketer Ravi Sastri for hurting the sentiments of the Hindu faithfuls by extolling the virtues of eating biltong, had noticed the Camlin ad!

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  1. lol - that ad is awesome! I'm amazed they had the nerve to air it at a cinema.


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