February 23, 2007

Root of Evil III

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Abdel Kareem Suleiman

The Blogger-Martyr of Egypt, sentenced to three years in prison for "insulting" Islam, and one year for "defaming" President Mubarak.

I am the hurricane, I am the cyclone

I destroy all that I found in the path!

I am the dance-intoxicated rhythm,

I dance at my own pleasure,

I am the unfettered joy of life!

I am Hambeer, I am Chhayanata, I am Hindole,

I am ever restless,

I caper and dance as I move!

I do whatever appeals to me, whenever I like,

I embrace the enemy and wrestle with death,

I am mad. I am the tornado!

I am pestilence, the great fear,

I am the death of all reigns of terror,

I am full of a warm restlessness for ever!

Say, Valiant,

Ever high is my head!

--- Extract from The Rebel by Kazi Nazrul Islam, translation by Kabir Chowdhury

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  1. Pretty impressive blog, I must say! I hold similar views too and have read Dawkins extensively. I have written something similar in the Indian context, do check that & let me what you think.



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