January 6, 2007

Root of Evil: A Postscript

An explanation for the title for this planned series is warranted. Obviously, it was inspired by the title for the two part television program aired by the British Channel 4, "Root of all evil?", by Richard Dawkins. I expunged the question and the universality from that controversial title, which was chosen by Channel 4, apparently overruling Dawkins' objections. My intent for this series is to showcase one or more acts of evil in each post, and expose their roots in religion.

For too long, religion has been shielded from reproach and challenge. I reject the usual defense, "it's not the religion, it's us", whenever religion is criticized for acts of violence. Protagonists for religion contend that the ideas it enunciates, and the rules of behavior it prescribes, are never wrong, only misinterpreted. Scriptures are perfect, because they are authored by perfect gods. Baloney, I say. The authors are neither! Not all Koranic verses are satanic, but some are. Everything is not said, and what is said is not all right, in the Vedas. Errors and omissions can be, and are, found in the books of religion, because they are written by humans. And, to err is human. The acts of violence are committed not by a few crazy extremists, but by those who are taught to fear the lord and obey the prescribed rules of behavior without question. It is, after all, their religion!

In the interest of life, we must demolish this shield of omniscient god that protects religion, and strip it of its invulnerability. I intend to do my two bits. Join me, if you would like, in this campaign to replace religion with reason. Contributions to the root of evil series are welcome. Email me, please. Thank you.

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