January 3, 2007

Root of Evil I

What was I saying... hm... minds without fear... growing up to boundless wisdom? Fat chance, my wife reacted with scorn. Here comes a reminder from India that irrationality, too, knows no bounds!

A man and his wife strangled two of their three minor children to death in Orissa after performing rituals before deities with a hope that it will make the children alive and bring good fortune to their family, police said Wednesday.

Padmalochan Gahan, 36, and his wife Minati, 30, killed their eldest son Harishchandra, 9, Saturday night and second son Deepak, 7, Sunday night in their house at Tilopal village in the tribal-populated district of Mayurbhanj, Pitbas Naik, officer-in-charge of the local Kaptipada police station told IANS.

Apparently, Jagannath Tudu, a godman, told them that all their children would be resurrected, after their third child, a 3 months old baby girl, was also killed. Tudu had assured them that all the three would live to bring good fortune to the family. Godmen, witchcraft, and ritual sacrifice, are all alive and well, thank you.

Well, who am I to judge Gahan and Minati, when mighty nations hesitate to unequivocally condemn the killing of innocent children, to win the right to freely practice religion according to the dictates of mythical gods and dead godmen? Richard Dawkins, I don't think we need to be coy about calling religion as the root of evil!

  1. I don't think Dawkins called religion a "root of all evil!"; he called it a "root of all evil?" The question-mark makes a big difference.

    For example, he isn't saying that take away religion and the Israel conflict will end; he is saying that take away religion and people will have one less reason to rationalize the bloodshed and we give them a much much better chance to think rationally... something thats really needed to end the conflict.

    A subtle difference.

  2. Irrationality is the root of all evil!
    Religion is just one form of Irrationality!

  3. So the actions of a random parent in India has the power to shake faith...hmmmm. I'm actually agnostic, and this item just seems like a random "news of the wierd" to me.

  4. Niket, Naren:
    I have responded to your comments in the follow-up posts. I hope you will read those.
    I don't think such acts of evil are as random as you seem to think. Read on!


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