December 10, 2006

Cultural Devolution

I had no idea that the worker's paradise had the same attitude towards sex workers as the barbarians of BCE. Shenzen, a rapidly growing hi-tech city bordering Hongkong in China paraded "100 prostitutes and their customers", hoping to shame them into abandoning their profession. Thriving industries and proximity to Hong Kong apparently fuel the demand for sex workers, inducing young women from the neighboring rural areas to migrate to Shenzen and take up the profession.

Kang Xiaoguang, a sociologist with the Rural Development Institute at the People`s University of China, commented:

Twenty years ago, this kind of parade would have been greeted with unanimous applause. But now it gets more criticism than support because more people realize their rights should be protected. And of course, they have more channels to voice their criticism, like the Internet.

That's comforting. We are also gratified that the "counter-revolutionaries" were not stripped and stoned! Hopefully, the Cultural Devolution won't last long this time, thanks in no small measure to the bloggers of the world.

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