November 10, 2006

Top Ten Rights at the India/World Socialist Forum 2006

10 Right to define — and redefine globalisation as it suits us

 9 Right to freedom of expression expletives — against the USA but not China

 8 Right to property — on all -isms, current and coined in the future

 7 Right to tax — those richer than us

 6 Right to euthanasia — of virtual farmers, and count them as suicides

 5 Right to drink — mineral water, even if bottled by Coca Cola

 4 Right to work — and produce nothing

 3 Right to live — in a 5-star hotel room with a view of the Delhi slums

 2 Right to profit — from speaker fees and booker prizes

 1 Right to drive — an SUV, if my dad had bought me one

  1. Heheee! :D

    And... the right to have other peoples' brains for lunch.

  2. Would like to hear to your comments on the following article

  3. Pavan:
    That's a tall order. I have no intention of paying precious premium to ReputationDefenders, at least not until my receipts from the Google ads have grown at an astronomical rate :D
    May be a new post, after some painstaking research. Thanks for the vote of confidence, though.

  4. And what about the vast majority who don't have any rights. So there is a right to rights also!


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