November 3, 2006

State of the Internet Freedom

The Internet Society of China, affiliated with the Ministry of Information Industry, has recommended to the government that bloggers be required to register their blog with their real names when they register blogs, according to this report from CNN. If this recommendation were to be accepted by the Chinese government, you could not have registered blogs like the one that you are reading now. Moves such as this have alarmed Amnesty International, Open Net Initiative, and other rights groups, prompting them to warn that that the censorship of blogs and other forms of free expressions on the web is spreading rapidly among the dystopian regimes around the world.
"The combination of non-democratic regimes and commercial filtering technology is especially worrying," said Ron Deibert, a political science professor at the University of Toronto and a member of the Open Net Initiative that monitors filtering globally. The group has labeled China as employing "pervasive" filtering, as well as Iran, Syria, Tunisia, Uzbekistan, Burma, and Vietnam. "We have also seen an increase in offensive forms of filtering which attack servers. ... This was observed targeting opposition groups before election time in countries including Belarus and Kyrgystan," Deibert said.

Yang Xiaokun, a Chinese government representative at the U.N.-organized Internet Governance Forum in Athens, has flatly refused to acknowledge any restrictions on the Internet in China. When confronted with reports of journalists arrested in China, he labeled them as criminals and and denied that the arrests have anything to do with the freedom of expression.

Yang Xiaokun can be excused, for, he must be unaware of the reports on Internet filtering in China, such as this one from the Open Net Initiative.

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